Welcome to Sensible Skin

Hi! I’m Hilary. Welcome to Sensible Skin. I’m a twenty-something newbie blogger currently based in Vancouver, Canada. I work an office job by day, and obsess over skincare by night.

When I first started getting into beauty and skincare in my late teens, I was overwhelmed by the amount of options on the market. I knew that I wanted to improve my skin, but I had no idea what to buy to get the results I was after. After a few years of settling for sub-par skin and buying endless clay masks that I hoped would solve all my problems, I decided that enough was enough. It was time to make a change!

About a year ago, I started following multiple beauty bloggers and vloggers to learn more about skincare. I spent afternoons and evenings after work searching the internet for product reviews and skincare articles. I discovered the science behind skincare, what ingredients to look for, and what ingredients to avoid.

Fast forward to today, and I have finally developed a skincare routine that works for me. (although I’m still always on the hunt for more great products!) I have also fallen in love with skincare. I decided to start this blog as an outlet for my skincare obsession, but also as a resource to help anyone who is unsure of what to do for their skin, as I once was. I hope I can help you fall in love with your skin!

Talk to you soon,